IVR & Dialer Integration Services
with CRM, ERP & LMS.

Automate your voice processes to be more Effective-Easy-Quick
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Best Auto Dialer Software & Smart IVR Software.

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IVR & Dialer Integration

Wits Digital streamlines your business calling processes, be it is customer care calling or sales calling through our IVR & Dialer Integration Services.

We integrate the IVR and Dialer Solutions in your Systems (CRM, ERP & LMS) in coordination with Telecom Service Providers as per the TRAI guidelines. We guide you in the selection of the better Telecom Service Providers who creates the hardware setup according to your requirements.

Both systems results in time saving and allow your agents to manage time only for the required important queries & Inquiries to answer.

IVR Integration What is IVR System?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. IVR is a technology system through which the caller receives the instructions for performing some basic functions as per their query to get the appropriate solutions. IVR system respond through pre-recorded audio messages directly to callers as per their chosen action.

We works as per your business requirement. We integrate IVR while keeping in view your areas of concern for customer calling. Our intelligent IVR Software understands your caller’s actions and transfers the calls to the concerned department or person only. It reduces the need for live agents for the repetitive customer queries.

What are the benefits of Our IVR Integration Solutions?

  • Our software transfers the calls without any error to the absolute person already assigned for a particular query.
  • As we integrates IVR system to your CRM, ERP & LMS, calls can be answered through our software while working on computer also.
  • We provide you the full support without delays for uninterrupted working.
  • It provides the quick availability to callers and thus reduces the long waiting time on calls.
  • Our error free integration, will Increase the Good Customer Experience on calls, as he will be routed quickly to the appropriate desk for the solutions.
  • Reduces time and costs of live agents to focus on important calls only.
  • Various surveys and customer feedbacks can be taken to enhance the customer services.

Dialer Integration What is Auto Dialer Solutions?

Auto Dialer Software is an automated telephone system which can make multiple outbound calls simultaneously on the phone numbers provided in a database through pre planned campaigns. This feature saves the time and increases the productivity of the executives.

Our Best Auto Dialer Software empowers your calling agent with a system that allow them to easily access and analyze the data and records required to answer the caller’s queries immediately and correctly. It enhances the quick and appropriate responses to customer, thus increases the customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of Our Dialer Integration Software?

  • Integrated into ERP, CRM & LMS.
  • Click to Call functionality through your computer Systems.
  • Sales & Support team can plan the calls to be made at definite time.
  • If required, our Auto dialer itself picks up the numbers from the customer database and thus don’t allow the calling agent to see the contact numbers of customers. It ensures the data privacy.
  • It also allows your agents to take the breaks from their seats by debarring their calling point.
  • Through call recording of your agents you can review the performance of calling agents and guide them for the improvement areas.
  • Customer queries can be answered quickly and correctly by simultaneously accessing the relative data.
  • You can monitor & control all of your agents outbound & inbound calls.
  • Tracking of lead generation from different online & offline marketing campaigns is easily possible.
  • Various call reports like total calls made, calls missed, total time spent on calls, live analytics and all campaign reports etc. can be created as per your requirement.